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25 Inspiring Quotes by Shah Rukh Khan

The ultimate King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan‘s philosophies about life, struggle, luck, and love are enlightening. Many people from around the world look up to him as their idol. Shah Rukh always quotes examples from his personal life experiences, therefore captivates everyone with his motivational speeches. The life of such an ambitious actor has been an incredible journey so far. So, have a look at the best 25 inspiring quotes by Shah Rukh Khan.

1. An Incredible Journey

2. You Only Live Once

3. Embrace Your Own Idiosyncrasies

4. For Him, Love Is An Emotion

5. Soul Is Divine

6. The Real Meaning Of “Brave”

7. Live In Present

8. Dreams And Love Can Coexist

9. During The Test Of Life, Have Patience

10. Normal Is Nothing But Lifeless

11. Live Your Own Dream

12. Smile: It’s Contagious

13. Be Childish And Innocent

14. Illuminate The Life of Others

15. Have A Big Heart

16. Have Faith In Yourself

17. The Hidden Mystery Of A Woman

18. Success Or Failure?

19. Learn To Ignore

20. Your Fears Are Obstacles

21. Only One Religion: Hard Work

22. Be Insane

23. A Deeper Life

24. Do What You Love

25. Always Believe In God


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