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“Amazon Prime Video Hostel Daze” Actors, Cast & Crew: Roles, Salary

Hostel Daze is an Indian young adult comedy-drama series for which Amazon Prime Video and The Viral Fever (TVF) have partnered. Promising its viewers a laughter ride through the corridors of hostel life, Hostel Daze was premiered on Amazon Prime on 13 December 2019. Here’s the complete list of the cast and crew of “Hostel Daze”:

Shubham Gaur

As: Rupesh Bhati aka Jaat

Adarsh Gourav

As: Ankit Pandey

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Luv Vispute

As: Chirag Bansal

Nikhil Vijay

As: Jatin aka Jhantoo

Ahsaas Channa

Role: Ankit’s love interest

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Harsha Chemudu

As: Ravi Teja

Ayushi Gupta

As: Nabomita

Sahil Verma

As: Rakhi

Badri Chavan

Role: Senior

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Ranjan Raj

As: Lolly

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Abhishek Yadav

Role: Hostel President

Abhinav Anand

Role: Senior

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Jasmeet Singh Bhatia

Role: Senior

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Sanchay Goswami

Role: Senior

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Vikramjit Singh

Role: Senior

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Vivekanand Ahuja

Role: Chirag’s Uncle

Khushbu Baid

Role: Beggar Lady

Nidhi Bisht

Role: Teaching Assistant- Chemistry Lab

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Rohit Chotai

Role: Professor

Paromita Dey

As: Kavitha Aunty

Anandeshwar Dwivedi

Role: Canteen Manager

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Amit Jaat

Role: Senior

Deepak Kumar Mishra

Role: Janitor

Pradyot Mokashi

As: Leo

Shashi Mukherjee

Role: Student

Shivankit Singh Parihar

Role: PhD Student

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Harish Peddinti

Role: WSN Student

Biswapati Sarkar

Role: Xerox Shop Owner

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Sameer Saxena

Role: Hostel Manager

Anant Singh

Role: PhD Student

Saurabh Khanna

Role: Professor

Divya Karnare

Role: Freshie

Mudit Malik

As: Sophie

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