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Some Lesser Known Facts About Mark Duplass

  1. Does Mark Duplass smoke?: Not Known

  2. Does Mark Duplass drink alcohol?: Yes

  3. Mark Duplass, the American Director, and Producer, jointly owns an American independent film and television production company (Duplass Brothers Productions) founded by him and his brother Jay Duplass.

  4. Before beginning his career in the Hollywood film and Television industry, Mark was the part of the power pop trio Indie rock band in the early 2000’s named, “Volcano, I’m Still Excited” and used to sing for Polyvinyl Records.

Mark Duplass along with his two friends comprising the Rockband, “Volcano, I’m Still Excited!”

  1. During his country tour in the support of his solo debut, “Small Hands”, Mark was diagnosed with tendinitis in both of his arms and was told that playing the guitar would worsen up his injury. Since he wanted to remain in touch with the music, so he had enrolled in City College of New York to study composition and had started to play the “organ” instead, as it was the only instrument which he was able to play without causing him any pain.

  2. During the early start of their career, Mark and his brother used to charge 5$ per hour and work as video editors to make their ends meet.

  3. Duplass has written, directed, and produced several feature films and Television series with his brother Jay Duplass including Baghead (2008), Cyrus (2010), HBO anthology series “Room 104”, together. They have a unique and professionalized way which includes extemporizing off of the original script, taking multiple shots, and then editing scenes at least 15 to 20 times to get the perfect film.

  4. In 2015, Netflix had signed a five pact movie deal with Mark and Jay Duplass, which included “Blue Jay”, “Take Me”, “Creep 2”, “Duck Butter” and “Outside In”. In an updation to that, in 2018, it has signed a fresh Four Film deal with duo brothers.

  5. Mark Duplass has acted in multiple Television series like Maron (2013), Comedy Bang! Bang! (2015), Togetherness (2015), and FX comedy television series “The League”, which casts him along with his wife, Katie Aselton.

“The League” starring Mark Duplass and his wife, Katie Aselton

  1. Out of all the films directed, and written by Mark Duplass, “BLUE JAY” a short black & white film is closest to his heart.

“Blue Jay” movie starring Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson

  1. “Like Brothers” a book, spilling the secrets to the lifelong bonding of Duplass Brothers, being the multitalented writers, directors, producers, and actors has been written jointly by both the brothers.

“Like Brothers”, the book has been written by Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass on their personal lives

  1. Duplass was also seen in a Wealthsimple commercial at the beginning of 2018

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