“Nimki Vidhayak” Actors, Cast & Crew: Roles, Salary
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“Nimki Vidhayak” Actors, Cast & Crew: Roles, Salary

Nimki Vidhayak is an Indian political soap opera that depicts the story of Nimki, a headstrong young woman who became the first female chief of her village, and after overcoming several obstacles, she becomes an MLA. Here’s the complete list of the cast and crew of “Nimki Vidhayak”:

Bhumika Gurung

As: Namkeen “Nimki” Kumari

Role: Bihar’s M.L.A, Babbu Singh’s widower

Fee for the role: ₹35,000 per day

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Abhishek Sharma

As: Mintoo Singh

Role: Ganga Devi’s estranged son

Fee for the role: ₹40,000 per day

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Manish Goel

As: Abhimanyu Rai a.k.a. BDO Babu

Role: Elena’s father, Sweety’s second husband

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Shriya Jha

As: Sweety Rai

Role: Babbu’s sister, Abhimanyu’s second wife, Elena’s adoptive mother

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Priyanshu Singh

As: Tunney

Role: Nimki’s friend

Nilima Singh

As: Anaro Devi

Role: Diamond’s mother

Saniya Noorain

As: Mahua Kumari

Role: Nimki and Monu’s sister and Tunney’s love interest

Rina Rani

As: Bimla Devi

Role: Nimki’s aunt

Farida Dadi

Role: Mintoo’s grandmother

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Shashank Mishra

As: Pichku

Role: Mintoo’s friend

Arjun Singh Shekhawat

As: Tillu

Role: Mintoo’s friend and Nimki’s admirer

Shruti Ulfat

As: Ganga Devi

Role: Opposition leader in Patna Vidhan Sabha

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Sagar Wahi

As: Parag Singh

Role: Ganga Devi’s son

Arafat Shaikh

As: Monu Singh

Role: Nimki and Mahua’s brother

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